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Assumption of Mary in Germany

by cooky24

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The Feast of the Assumption of Mary (Mariae Himmelfahrt, Mariae Aufnahme in den Himmel) is celebrated in some states in Germany on August 15 each year. It is a public holiday in Saarland and some parts of Bavaria. Many Catholics attend special church services and some people collect herbs as a tradition for the day.

The fourth ecumenical council was held in Chalcedon, now part of Istanbul, Turkey, in 451 CE.  The council decided that the Assumption of Mary would be recognized as a Christian feast. This feast is important for Catholics because it marks the moment that Mary's body and soul went to heaven, according to Catholic belief. The date was fixed as August 15 sometime around the year 700 CE.You can check the hotel details in:, and find more atrractions of there from

Many Catholics attend special church services where church bells ring to announce the start of these services. Where two churches are near, the church bells may be sounded in unison. Religious parades and summer festivals are held in some areas on August 15.   There are special traditions about trees and plants on the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. The first ripe walnuts or hazelnuts are called Mary's nuts (Mariennuesse) and are given to children. People may go out into the fields and meadows to collect herbs with medicinal and culinary properties.

This day is a public holiday in the German states of Saarland and Bavaria (some parts). Post offices, banks, stores and other businesses are closed in these areas. Some stores in tourist areas may be open and stores at railway stations, airports and along highways are usually open. Public transport services vary depending on where one lives or plans to travel. The Feast of the Assumption of Mary is not a public holiday in other parts of Germany on August 15.

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