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Cloud computing helps organizations on decision making

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Cloud computing is obtaining an excessive attention in IT sector and from individual user to an organization. Cloud computing refers to making software available at any spot with an internet-connected device. It enhances mobility and remote communication by which it has a fast growing market globally. It can also be termed as subscription-based Internet service, which is used to obtain network space and other computer resources. End users can access the cloud service from various ends like from browser, or desktop application or a Mobile application. It helps organizations to make decisions on their sales, marketing and customer support and it encourages on-demand service providing. Today most of the search engines, Email clients and social networking applications are making use of cloud computing internally, which results in instant access of service and faster responses. It tends to build a centralized storage and service model, which decreases the load on end users computer.  The basic requirement to setup cloud computing is to have Internet connection for accessing the cloud services, it could be either wired or wireless. It has helped in providing better storage solutions to remote devices mostly for mobile equipment’s, which usually has limited storage capacity, compared to desktops. User can host images, audio files and video files into cloud server and access it back any time needed instead of storing it in device memory. It brings the feeling in user as the content is not somewhere in remote storage instead resides in his own device memory.

Cloud computing benefits business to function smoothly by providing users to connect from where ever they are using any various devices that could be laptop, desktop, phone or tablet. This technology is mostly used for centralized access of documents, software and storage. It helps small organizations to avoid investment on amount of hardware and storage space by allowing them to store their data in the cloud space. It is flexible too since it is subscription based service at any point of time when user has demand for more storage the user can request the service provider to extend the allotted size.

Cloud computing comes with greater levels of security and with latest methodologies.  It is engineered to prevent unauthorized access, to preserver information for long term and ensured information is available instantaneously. Various standards are comprised in this technology to ensure smooth communication and understanding between service provider and end user.


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