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Blurex Creates a Revolutionary Case Anyone Can Afford

by broke26

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Blurex has long been the leader when it comes to producing affordable, high-quality protective cases for hand held tablet devices like the Apple iPad, the Apple iPad mini, and now the Google Nexus 7. Once again Blurex combines design, style and functionality to create one of the best cases on the market. The Nexus 7 case which is made to be light weight and durable can absorb the shock of accidental drops or dings to keep your Nexus 7 safe and secure.

The Blurex reputation for making thoughtfully designed cases that meet and anticipate the user’s needs is unmatched. The Nexus 7 case uses a magnet closure that also activates the sleep function on the tablet when closed and automatically wakes up the tablet once the case has been opened. The magnet has been designed to keep the device from entering sleep mode when the case is opened all of the way. There is an elastic band on the inside of the case that can be used to keep the case for the Nexus 7 open while in use as well as including a wrist strap to help prevent and drops or bumps that could damage the tablet. One of the most often heard complaints about cases for tablets is that cases with Velcro enclosures wear out over time and the case will cease to close on its own. With the Blurex Super Slim Nexus 7 case, there is no worry about that as they do not use Velcro in their design.

The case for the Google Nexus 7 can be easily converted into a stand for the tablet that is adjustable to different degrees to make sure that the user can operate and view their device comfortably regardless of their body positioning. The case is cleverly designed to be ultra light weight and has been customized to fit the Nexus 7 to leave all of the ports on the devices as well as the screen and the front and rear speakers free from obstruction. The tablet is held by clips on the device that prevent the need for a tablet sleeve and keep the screen free and clear of any obstruction.

Blurex has a history of combining affordability with high quality and their customers have only good things to say about the company and their line of exciting products. They operate under a vision of functionality, design and style, striving to combine the three in the perfect synergy of excellence that will, not only protect the devices these cases are intended for, but also to maintain a level of style and design that is unmatched by other, more expensive, cases on the market.

The Blurex line of cases for tablet devices can be found on as well as their home website: For high quality, durability, functionality and affordability, Blurex can’t be beat.

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