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The State of the Game Stream will insist on in GW2

by copydarkfall

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We've got a piece of bad news about the State of the Game stream that all the players have been expecting for a long time won't be released. We are posting that from the official and it will just have a video released soon.

And now, it seem like to be good but kinda wrong with that? For the first 15 minutes I were attempting to connect to our stream through my connection 1, <a href="">guild wars 2 gold</a> and every time we went online it would get shut down by a massive amount of requests. How do I know this was DDOS? I had prepared my ISP for this as they are a rather small company they quickly noticed the increased requests and called me within a few minutes of the first shut-down asking what was happening. Sadly they do not have the capabilities to handle this and decided to simply shut-down my connection 1. We are, as we speak, recording this locally on my connection 2, which has not been taken down. We could have streamed it from this connection, but due to the risk of this connection getting taken down we decided to just record it locally so we get some content out of this.

We can see so much sighs from the players, but we will be following up this information and give a great conclusion to each one. And we will insist on play the game.

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