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Sterling silver cufflinks - Redefine your Personality and St

by Jewellerymen

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Cufflinks are a decorative and stylish addition to any shirt. Both men and women use cufflinks to fasten their shirts in the modern society. The most pleasing part about cufflinks is that they add a classy and elegant look to your attire. Cufflinks are available in metals like gold or gold plated silver, but many prefer sterling silver cufflinks above any other metal.

Attractive Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Sterling silver cufflinks are just as popular today as ever and have been worn throughout history from the 16th Century. Sterling silver cufflinks compliment many different stones and work with most men’s and women’s shirts. The addition of a fine pair of cufflinks makes any attire classier and adds elegance to ones shirt cuffs. These sterling silver cufflinks are available in attractive shapes like round, square, oval and rectangles. Originally the cufflinks were joined by chains but the modern cufflinks come with a variety of attachments such as chain and shank and even the swivels made possible by engineering and manufacturing advances in Victorian times.

Special Hand Carved Cufflinks

Specially designed custom sterling silver cufflinks are also available. The exclusive and noteworthy part about these cufflinks is that they are hand carved. The sterling silver cufflinks with special hand carvings are available with a variety of semi precious stones of varying colours. You can choose the type of stone you need for your sterling silver cufflink. The stones will be hand carved in different shapes to meet your design requirement, and connected using silver chains or other devices. Many sterling silver cufflinks contain types of precious stones which can also be. You can buy a sterling silver cufflink with the addition of several stones such as, jade, amethyst, jasper, bloodstone and onyx.

Mixed Double Cufflinks

Mixed double silver cufflinks are also available. The mixed double cufflinks have different stones on each end of the joining sterling silver chain. They are remarkably versatile allowing the wearer to display one stone during the day and another in the evening. This is also cost effective as you are in effect buying two pairs of cufflink for the price of one.

Buy From Home

You can purchase your favourite pair of sterling silver cufflinks from home at reasonable prices. Just order your desired cufflinks online with a trustworthy merchant and they will be delivered to you within few days. There are also special custom cufflink services available to you permitting you to personalize the sterling silver cufflinks you are ordering.

About Author

I have been working with The Regnas Collection of Jewelry for men for several years and I am excited by the work that we do. It is a passion for us and our designs often include ideas that we have picked up from our customers. We have a vibrant custom design and build section and to us the customer is king. Our English backgrounds leave us with a great deal of knowledge of heraldry and heraldic family crest designs and we incorporate many of them in our mens rings, signet rings and custom cuff links. The Regnas Collection continues to expand and we are introducing new lines all the time. We are able to source and supply a large variety of sterling silver cufflinks, custom made cufflinks, mens cufflinks, jade cufflinks, silver boxes, heraldic cufflinks, malachite cufflinks, engraved cufflinks, gold cufflinks, Jade rings, custom engraved rings, signet rings, and others.

It is my pleasure to run the Jewellerymen website and our vibrant Facebook community. Tim Davies Director It and marketing The Regnas Collection

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