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Medical Billing – Do you Spend or Save?

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Do you know what many physicians and healthcare facilities feel about outsourcing medical billing and collections to medical billing companies? They think that it is a total waste of money and time, and there is no scope for saving. This wrong perception has been swirling in the minds of many since a long period of time. Physicians out there, it is actually vice versa! Only when you outsource medical billing services, can you save money. Failing to take good care of the patients, most physicians perform medical billing and coding in-house, and suffer loss of money, time and the trust of their patients. Do you spend or save? Checkout by reading the following,


Spend for Technology Up-gradation: The imminent replacement of ICD-9 Codes with ICD-10 Codes along with the HIPAA platform adoption has brought a multitude of changes in the healthcare reimbursement domain. Traditional methods can be of no use henceforth! Therefore to upgrade the technology, practices with in-house physician billing have no other option but to spend a huge sum. Do you spend or save here? Of course spend! Instead, if you outsource medical billing services, you can save a lot of money.


Spend for Resources: Besides facing huge expensesin technological up-gradation, practices with in-house physician billing will also have to spend for hiring new employees and training them in the latest technology. Do you spend or save? Yet again you spend, but don’t save! Therefore to save money, outsource medical billing services to reliable medical billing companies.   


AR Inflation: When medical billing and collections are carried out in-house, there is a great chance for errors to occur. The situation worsens when the rejected claims pile-up. Due to lack of expert knowledge, the in-house employees fail to follow-up. Finally, AR gets inflated, resulting in a big loss for the physician or healthcare facility. The money that actually has to be saved goes unchecked in this situation. It is better to outsource medical billing services, so that you can spend less and save more! 

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