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What to do before Hiring the Services of a Delta Roofing Con

by brendangertner

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Homes in Delta and New Westminster, Canada are susceptible to weather-related roofing damage. Without proper care, roofs are rendered helpless against the elements. Beyond damage to the roofing system, your home could also be vulnerable to leaks, water damage, mold infestation, and a host of other problems.

You could, of course, call your trusted Delta roofing contractorat any time (with the weather permitting, of course) to deal with roof-related concerns. Yet you could also observe some basic do-it-yourself roof maintenance techniques that can help you avoid emergency situations for which you can’t always find assistance. For instance, you can survey your shingles carefully during springtime. With the use of a ladder, scan for shingles that are missing, peeling, or have lost their grain and require immediate repair or replacement.

Next, clean moss and mold from your roof, especially those that grow between shingles. However, do not result to power washing techniques that could strip off the protective layer from your shingles. You wouldn’t want to leave your roof exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays, which will not only affect your family’s health, but could also increase your heating costs. Instead, buy a moss remover solution and spray it to the affected areas before brushing with a long-handled broom.

On the other hand, if you have a metal roofing system, it is also wise to inspect the roof bolts for any loose connections. Immediately tighten these metal roof bolts in preparation for any sudden weather disturbance. Otherwise, you might find your roof blown off during a sudden gale.

Likewise, regular cleaning of gutters and downspouts, especially their entrance and exit points, can keep your roofing system intact for a longer time. It is also advisable to inspect and clean out soffits and fascias, sections where and small animals typically take shelter during winter. These are just some of the helpful maintenance tips for homeowners to observe.

However, in all these activities, always be mindful of your safety. If your roof is in serious disrepair or is too high for you to reach, don’t do it yourself—instead, leave the task in the capable hands of experienced New Westminster roofing contractors. For more information, visit

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