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My disdain for excessive Courts Costs.

by anonymous

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Sadly for us northerns we end up getting trapped into debating whether or not to stop playing tennis through the Winter Season due to the price gauging that tennis clubs charge for court costs and membership fees. When you are used to playing on free courts that are maintained by either Parks and Rec Departments, Colleges or maybe an outdoor tennis club it's extremely difficult to go to needing to pay $40 per hour to rent out a tennis court.

Yes, these clubs do have large costs when it comes around to heating the club, paying for lights, employees and snow management. They are well within their right to charge fees well above and beyond the costs they incur. Tennis New York offers NYC tennis players an enjoyable way of meeting new tennis partners in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

But, I contest if they improved their court utilization they wouldn't need to gouge their customers to try to cover their costs. Some clubs that I play here in Metro Boston are available from about 10AM to 3PM when the high school students come in. Then they free up again at about 8 PM. Come on managers, think outside the box offer discounted courts when your courts are freely available. You'd probably think this would undercut your pricing power. I contend the exact opposite. It will push some people to maybe book a court that they might not of booked at full price. It also might push some people who booked the premium times to instead book at a discounted time freeing up another group to fill the more desired court time.

These clubs are still owned by people who wish it was the 80's. A time when McEnroe, Connors and Chrissy Evert ruled the mindset of the America. Tennis was en vogue and people couldn't play enough. Those days are long gone and without a dominate American Male being groomed for success the future looks about the same. So think outside the box, you need to harness the web and get your court bookings online. It would greatly reduce your need for multiple employees and also would take away the 1 major sticking points, collecting your court fees. Also if you aren't leveraging at least Face book you are definitely losing customers.
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That's just a few ideas of many to help the Tennis Clubs here in Metro Boston to reverse the ever increasing need to keep jacking up the hourly court cost rate they charge per hour.

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