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Avoiding Winter Accidents

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We all complain about ‘Winter sun’. Whether you are out walking or driving it can be a major pain, and incredibly off putting. And it’s not the only distraction you will find worse during the Winter months.

  • The weather. Snow, ice and clouds pelting you with ice are all things you will have to deal with during the next few weeks. Allow yourself extra time for travelling and don’t try to rush, especially in icy conditions. Unless there is an emergency it might even be best to stay at home if you can.
  • Driving on ice. If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself on an icy road then don’t panic. If you feel the car start to skid, turn into the skid and push down on the clutch. And don’t hit the brake! You will just skid more and that is not what you’re trying to do!
  • Know your route. Even if you have driven through an area several times, you may find it looks different during the day than it does at night. Weather conditions, especially snow, can have the same effect so always know exactly where you are going. Choose some points to remember along the route such as an unusual building or some shops and be aware of when you should pass them. If in doubt find somewhere safe to stop and check you are on the right track.
  • Charge your mobile. If you are planning on driving anywhere in bad weather conditions make sure you have a fully charged mobile with you. The last thing you need if you run into problems is to be stuck with no way of contacting help.
  • Always be prepared. Check your vehicle before you set off. Check your fluid levels and your tyre pressure, test your lights and make sure you have enough fuel for your journey. Have some emergency supplies with you incase you do run into difficulties. If you break down or get lost you might need some basics such as water and snacks to keep you going. Have a first aid kit and blanket with you and if you have passengers in the car make sure you have enough supplies for each person.

Nobody wants to be caught out by bad weather conditions but if you take a few simple precautions before you travel you are far more likely to arrive safely at your destination.

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