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How to improve our inner personality ?

by anonymous

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Personality is nothing but qualities and characters of an individual. Each one has some interesting personalities but it will differ from every human. It also includes the characteristic of feelings, expressions and behaviours. For each one,personality will change accordingly based on the education and work culture. There are some basic attributes of personality as follows


Psychological and physiological,

Multiple expressions,

Consistency and

Behaviours and actions

Research for Personality states many definitions,it mainly differ from one another. It may be through their characters or one may differ by the expressions, or may be change in their behaviours. Personality is mainly comes from the family background or by the friend's influence. Freud and Erickson attempted to bring personality theories.


Personality is mainly divided into two major types: Inner personality and Outer personality. Both are differs in body language, thoughts and outer look. Each and every one prefers to attract other people. Having good personality is important which is essential more than good looks. Some research says 85% of the success and happiness will be comes from interacting with others.


Inner personality refers to mental life of a person. It is very complicated and varies from each other. Inner personality is an enigma for another. It is in the flux state at all the time, changing each and every moment. It is the process of making and breaking through changing the mind. We can change the inner personality through many ways, that is changing the mind through positive approach and talking with interested people in your area. Some other ways to change inner personality are regular practice of yoga or meditation or any relaxation technique. Also having thought of bringing new things or aiming for better and sophisticated life. It will definitely change in some certain period, but it is must to have practice in regular activities. Next, we are going to discuss about ways to succeed in the life




There are some ways to get success through inner personality:


  1. Read and expand your interest


            Each one has a chance to meet others in their studies and working area. We can share what you know and exchange your views if you have reading habit and find new interests.



  1. Meet new people


            Spend your leisure time to meet new people and meet your unlike persons. From these,you can find different cultures and alternative ways to do some things



  1. Positive attitude


            Having positive attitude shows the confidence and talking with other people with good cheer. Many people talks about negative thoughts and complain about others, you can change them by your positive attitude and outlook



  1. Be yourself


            Each one has unique and express their thoughts with interesting facts. Inner thoughts will mold us to fit in and try to be accepted.



  1. Mingle with positive thinkers


            Dont interact with people who has negative thoughts and complaining about others. Try to spend your valuable time with positive and energetic thinkers. It will automatically create good impact and you will get success within short term period


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