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How to Sell Mineral Rights: Benefits and Other Factors

by queenieregner

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In the present setting, "to sell your mineral rights " is different from "to sell your property rights." Unlike the 20th century, both the underground and above-ground areas of a property today are not covered by just a single deed or certificate. This is partially due to the fact that the owner of the land might not be interested in the oil beneath, but an oil company is.

In the United States, ownership of the lot and anything under the surface can either be separate or singular. In a separate scheme, you can offer your mineral rights without relinquishing your rights to the area above the ground. For sure, because you possess the land where the oil company is currently gathering the oil, you earn income from the venture. Remember, however, that there are some regions that don't follow the separate possession arrangement.

Furthermore, it's advisable not to act haphazardly when considering offering your mineral rights to companies and other interested actors. These are rights you're offering; it indicates that you give up anything and everything that has to do with the resources under your residential property. The new possessor of these rights can do whatever he wants with such resources.

From another standpoint, the perk of keeping surface rights is that you have a share in the profit of the holder of the mineral rights. This is called a royalty payment; though it might not be as huge as the share of the mineral rights holder, it remains a large figure. The royalty one could have relies on the set rate the mineral rights owner is ready to pay.

You may determine if you can make a substantial earning from the underground minerals in your property through a basic formula. Get the product of the land area, the mean thickness of the mineral being mined, and 1,800 tons (being equal to 1 acre-foot of mineral). It's possible for a 100-acre land with minerals around 7 feet thick to give 1.26 million tons of the mineral in question. Nonetheless, for underground mining, only fifty percent can be collected for safety concerns.

For more information pertaining to surface and mineral rights, you could go to You may also consult with a specialist on how to sell your gas royalties if what you have underneath is a gas reserve rather than a potential mine.


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