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Convenience Food For Those On The Go

by AliahCollin

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Gone are the days when families used to dine together and had a fixed time for the conventional ‘three meals a day’. Nowadays, in most of the families both parents are working and full time jobs have become a compulsion even for women. Therefore, they hardly get any time to prepare fresh meals for their family. This is where convenience food comes to the rescue. This food reduces the hassle of cooking to only a few simple steps. Another advantage of convenience food is that it can be made by almost anyone in the family. Since, people are now becoming aware of maintaining good eating habits, food manufacturers are now paying attention to the ingredients of these meals. As a balance is maintained between convenience and health, these foods are gaining popularity and replacing fresh foods. The convenience foods come in a wide range of delicacies with all sorts of essential nutrients. You can choose from various ready to eat meals available on the shelves. Some of them are:

  • Chili: Also known as chili con carne, chili is a rich, spicy sauce that was invented by the Texas natives and is an all-time favorite of foodies. The basic ingredients of this sauce are peppers, garlic, onions and cumin, which are simmered with chopped or ground beef. Some variant flavors also contain tomatoes, peanut butter, tomatillos, saffron, cocoa, chocolate, bourbon, coffee, pineapples, bananas, oranges etc. Texas style chili is now also available in frozen and ready to eat form.  It is a perfect topping for nachos and hot dogs. For peoples convenience various types of chili are available in dispense bags, pouches and glass jars.
  • Hot dogs: Hot dog is the considered as the staple food item of Americans. This is one of those food items that have been accepted worldwide as it is associated with modernity and fast life of today and is also valued for its variety and taste. Hot dogs are nothing but a sausage enveloped inside a bun. To enhance the taste people often garnish it with ketchup, cheese, chili, onions, and mayonnaise. The sausages are made of meat like pork, beef, chicken or turkey. This is a readily available convenience food found in various stores and is available in variety of sizes with different sausages that you want.
  • Cheese sauce and Queso: This popular sauce is relished with nachos, burgers, hot dogs, chips burritos, and enchiladas. This dip is often served in Mexican restaurants with various cuisines. This white cheese sauce or queso is made up of cheese, butter, milk flour, salt, onions, garlic, cumin, pepper and chilies. This dip is available in ready to eat form in various food shops.


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