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The Goal Should Be a Divorce That is Fair and Equitable, As

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One only has to read the tabloids and celebrity magazines to find instances of ex-spouses having to pay so much in spousal maintenance or child support that they are no longer able to afford a home of their own or at least, the luxury of living the same kind of life that is being provided for an ex-spouse or non-custodial children. However, if you are in the Denver area and contemplating a divorce from your spouse, that should never be the goal. In fact, any reputable Denver divorce attorney will tell you that in most cases, there are no winners or losers in a divorce, and the best approach is one that seeks to uphold the rights and best interests of both spouses and any children that are involved, insofar as that is possible.

Because the dissolution of any relationship can be painful and difficult, it is understandable that divorce often carries with it emotions that can allow the desire for revenge or paybacks to get the upper hand. In many Denver divorce cases, one spouse is trying to “stick it” to the other one either in terms of how assets get divided, payments are arranged, or custody arrangements are decided. However, the reality is that in those cases, such desires usually only prolong the divorce, making it more costly for everyone, and in the end, no judge is going to rule in a divorce case in a way that makes one spouse the overwhelming winner over the other.

While it is true that there may be aspects of your divorce settlement that you wish had been otherwise, for the most part, when a divorce settlement is fair and equitable, both spouses can walk away with a sense that justice has been served. Your divorce attorney should always guide you toward seeking solutions and an agreement that works toward this end. Especially if children are involved, the only winning outcome is one that preserves their best interests and upholds their rights. While your Denver divorce attorney will always be seeking to uphold your rights and best interests (and those of your children), you should be wary of any divorce attorney who promises to “go after” your estranged spouse.

If you are in the throes of a Denver divorce or anticipate that the dissolution of your marriage may be on the horizon, contact a reputable divorce attorney whom you can trust to uphold your rights while seeking the best interests of everyone involved. If there are to be any “winners” in a divorce case, that can only come from a settlement that seeks to be fair and equitable for everyone.

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