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Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Hearing Loss

by globalhearing

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Hearing loss is one of the most common health problems across the globe and it is on the rise. It might surprise you that 36 million Americans suffer from some sort of hearing impairment. In Australia, this figure is about 2.8 million. Reduced hearing ability can ruin one's career and relationships as well. Let's go through the causes, symptoms and treatment for hearing loss.




Noise- Continuous loud noise affects the hearing ability. In some factories or other workplaces ears are exposed to high levels of noise everyday. Carpenters and plumbers are prone to hearing loss. Approximately 45% of carpenters complain of hearing loss and 90% of coal miners suffer from some sort of hearing impairment by the age of 52. Manufacturing, transportation, agriculture and military are some other professions in which ears are exposed to high noise levels on a daily basis.


Medicines- Medications can affect hearing ability as well. Some medicines and antibiotics such as chemotherapy drugs and medicines taken for curing malaria can also contribute to hearing loss. Aspirin and drugs used to cure erectile dysfunction can cause hearing impairment.


Sudden hearing loss:- It has been very difficult to find the real cause of sudden hearing loss. Although there are more than 3500 cases of sudden hearing loss a year, the cause could only be found in less than 20% cases.


Illnesses:- Certain illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart diseases or diabetes can cause hearing loss by affecting blood supply to the ears.


Trauma:- Skull fracture or punctured eardrum can put ears at some serious risk.






In most cases hearing loss happens gradually, except sudden hearing loss cases. People are not aware that they are suffering from hearing impairment. As long as they can hear a sound, they believe their hearing is up to the mark. Below are some of the symptoms of hearing loss:-


  • Believing that people are not speaking clearly.

  • Difficulty in understanding telephonic conversations.

  • Hissing, ringing or similar sounds in ears.

  • If others often say that TV is played too loud.



If you suspect that you are suffering from hearing loss, then you should get free hearing test done.



Hearing loss treatment entirely depends on the source of hearing loss. Surgery treats hearing loss caused by otoclerosis. If the cause is some sort of infection, it can be cured by antibiotics. If hearing loss was caused due to medication, then your doctor must know about that.


People with permanent hearing loss can used hearing aid devices. Hearing aid devices are tiny instruments that enhance your hearing ability. Cochlear implantsare also used to help people with permanent hearing impairment.



Adnan Hafiz is offers Melbourne's one of the best hearing aid devices at his hearing clinic in Melbourne. He is tinnitus treatment specialist who help people regain their hearing power.


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