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How outsourcing fulfillment solutions will help to grow your

by Markwilson

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Business has changed a lot since the internet came along. Office space and a team of employees are no longer prerequisites for starting a business; with a computer and access to the web your new business can be good to go.


Indeed, many of today's big companies were founded in garages and college dorms. It however takes more than such simple startup locations to build a profitable and sustainable ecommerce business. The reason for this is because as growth sets in the business' operations will out of necessity become more intricate and demand more sophisticated logistical capabilities. At the outset it is easy to get along with just a few friends and a little workspace to process and ship the few orders trickling in. Afterwards though, with the business having entrenched itself and customers' orders pouring in day and night, the management must make very drastic changes to the business modus operandi otherwise the nascent business will perish just as it is starting to blossom.


Two choices confront this fledgling business' owners, both with considerable implications for the business' future. They can on one hand lease larger room, maybe a warehouse, and establish a facility to process clients orders. They can otherwise decide to outsource all the order handling requirements to a fulfillment service. The latter choice will bode well for the business; by contracting an independent implementation service, the business will set itself on a path to growth.


Using fulfillment solutions provided by experts will save the young business valuable capital that it could use to market and build its brand. They need not incur any expenses related to order handling because the hired service will take care of matters. Imagine how much money an upstart would spend to establish its own performance solutions with the requirements including storage space, personnel, equipment, insurance, probably a call center, and many other considerations. Such an investment is likely to sink a nascent business. Even if these in-house solutions are successfully set up, the young company will be saddled with very high fixed costs owing to seasonal variations of volumes.


A new business relying on an outsourced fulfillment service is better prepared for rapid growth and spikes in demand, which are not uncommon in a business's early days. A typical fulfillment service has the capacity to handle extra volumes without getting overwhelmed. The same cannot be said of most small businesses; operations are very likely going to be strained in the event that there is a sudden upsurge of orders. Outsourcing implementation solutions is therefore the way to go for owners of new businesses aiming for fast growth. Doing this will also afford entrepreneurs plenty of time to focus on growing their businesses as the outsourced service will take care of their logistics.


Admittedly, there is more to growing a business than just fulfilling customers' orders. Meeting customers' needs is of course the reason why a business exists in the first place but the business also has to market itself, develop its brand, attract more customers, seek new opportunities, acquire new assets, and take care of all other minutiae that come with running a successful commercial venture. Entrepreneurs will certainly have an easier time with all these tasks upon delegating all their logistical functions to a reputable fulfillment solutions provider.


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