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Boca Raton Breast Augmentation: Saline vs. Silicone Implants

by marcbryan

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The bosom portrays a big role in the overall self-confidence of a woman, which is the key reason ladies with tiny bosoms have lower self-esteem. Boca Raton breast augmentation techniques are a splendid solution to this predicament. The surgery entails laying implants under the breast tissues or chest muscles. Women can pick between silicone and saline implants. Either one has its benefits and drawbacks; below are several facts to assist you in your verdict.


This type of implant contains silicone shells loaded with salt-water or saline solution. In saline breast augmentation techniques, empty silicone shells are laid in the implant pockets first. After that, the plastic surgeon packs the prosthesis with salt-water solution. Considering this, only a few cuts and scars to the breasts can be presumed. This kind of implants can be found in a number of shapes and volumes which makes it more flexible and easy to tailor-make.

Saline leaks are not toxic with this type of implants; the salt-water solution is just reabsorbed by the body. But when this sort of leaks take place, there will be a noticeable flattening of the breast. One more downside with these implants is that it is prone to regular ruptures. Some women also find the motion of these saline-filled silicon shells irritating.


This type of implant also contains silicone shells, but filled with silicon or plastic gels. This type of implants often come pre-filled, and so, necessitate larger cuts compared with saline implants. Silicon implants feel almost like breast muscles which is the reason many women believe Boca Raton breast augmentation methods with silicone implants feel more natural.

Silicone implants are often associated with capsular contracture. When this happens, the coarse scar tissue that forms in the pocket of the breast implants stiffens and firms up. In the process, the implants are pressed. This can cause pain, hardening and a change in the form of the bosom which may lead to a necessity for restorative surgery. Silicone implant leaks can go unseen as it leaves breasts looking and feeling the same. The leaked silicone can flow into the circulatory system and migrate to the arms, chest wall or abdomen and lead to lumps. The effects of this type of phenomenon are not yet understood.

The reproach for enduring surgery for breast implants is not so prevalent or vicious as before. With women empowerment, women's concern with their bodies, vocation, and their lifestyle is their own. To learn more, see

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