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Oil Immersion Heaters – A applications requiring larger watt

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We Thermal Technologies are a competently organized company, engaged in Manufacturer and Exporter of Industrial Furnaces, ovens. We are dedicated fro developing modern sophisticated heating equipments. Our precision engineered collection is known for its reduced consumption of oil and electricity along with simple installation. We also have a wide range of Oil Immersion Heaters.

An Oil Immersion Heater is an object that emits heat or causes another body to accomplish a high temperature. The range of oil immersion heating elements offered by us is used for pure oil requirements.

Oil Immersion Heaters are the great choice for applications requiring larger wattages. These are constructed using sheath steel tube, thermostat pocket, precision engineered flanges, cap and other components and are constructed to meet the requirements of Fuel oil heating, oil jacketed vessels and others. Flanged Oil Immersion Heaters are planned for installation into pipe body, tank or pressure vessel using regular pipe size. These Flanged Oil Immersion Heaters are available in wide selection of rates, sizes and sheath materials suitable for the heating requirements of oil. Flanged Oil immersion heaters are too much efficient since all energy that is produced is dissipated directly into the medium, which is being heated. Every flanged heater models integrate tubular heater construction welded or brazed into a carbon steel pipe flange.

Construction of the oil immersion heaters:

  • Rugged element and heavy construction
  • Long life and premium quality Chrome Nickel Steel sheathing
  • ‘U’ Shaped tubes brazed in brass or MS Flange or BSPT available in 1.25″ BSPT, 1.5″ BSPT, 2″, BSPT & 2.5″ BSPT. Also they can be welded on flanges for different sizes.
  • Chrome Nickel Steel sheathing is available for heating vegetable oil and other industrial applications.


Application of the oil immersion heaters:

  • For fuel oil heating, oil circulating, for systems which supply hot oil to plastic processes oil jacketed kettles and similar equipments.
  • Heating low and heavy weight off.
  • Tumbling oil viscosity as well as permitting better pump ability for transfer operations.

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