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An Overview on Different Types of Braces for Adults

by smithmaria

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Has your child been avoiding braces because she or he does not want to see with a whole lot of metal in their mouth? It is quite understandable that at the age when they growing up and are unsure of their self worth having to deal with school bullies and even friends are making fun of their braces is not what they are looking for.

Now there are different types of braces with high quality clear plastic the brackets or trays as used in Invisalign are virtually invisible. Now the question arises that does invisalign work properly? No one will notice that your child is wearing braces. The arch wire connecting the brackets is also tooth colored and so is the elastic band.

The cost of clear teeth braces is slightly more than traditional braces but the price is worth it as the you can be assured that your child will not have to face any sort of pressure or bullying due to her/his braces. Keeping it clean will prevent any stains from forming on the braces and revealing their presence.

The many advantages of these braces are it is removable particularly the Invisalign. That means you can wear or remove them at convenience unlike fixed braces like metal braces. You won't get poked by steel wires, which can cause sores and ulcers in mouth. The braces are made customized unlike metal, which is mass made.

The biggest advantage is that it is invisible. Youngsters love that. It does a lot to the self-esteem of teenagers. They don't have to hide their beautiful smiles behind their hands or walk around with their mouth closed. They can freely talk and smile with confidence. Clear teeth braces help in correcting any braces related problems they might have without causing your child any embarrassment. It is one the best things to happen in the field of dentistry.

They are used depending on the degree of crookedness, extent of the treatment or the way the bite is affected. This is some of the factors that may force you to wear them either for longer or short period of time. In some instances, for successful application the dentist may have to remove some of the teeth. Another factor to consider is how much you are willing to spend. But of course, better pay will get you better braces.

We all want a good look to our selves. Though helpful, no one wants to wear teeth braces for a long time. This is actually why most people prefer the ceramic ones, they are least visible. This is because the connection between the arch wire and the ceramic brackets is made of white or transparent material. However, these types of braces require high maintenance. So as to avoid teeth staining, you have to change the ligatures on monthly basis. This is not the case with the metallic kind that uses traditional brackets.

Dr. Monica Goldenberg, the chief orthodontist of Goldenberg Orthodontics, provides excellent orthodontic treatment with different types of braces for teeth for adults and children, lingual braces etc. All types of braces for teeth, designed by Goldenberg Orthodontics, are customized according to each individual’s teeth in order to provide the best result.

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