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Impact Crusher has Many Benefits from Urban Waste Disposal

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1. Investment on impact crusher equipment is used for sand-gravel aggregate production, which can be widely used in the construction industry and construction of roads and railways, in the current boom in infrastructure to quickly achieve significant economic benefits, and this has been recognized by many domestic aggregate production investments.  Currently, the raw materials in the industry that are used to used in artificial sand has many sources, most of which is the us e of natural stone, such as pebbles, limestone, they are characterized by low investment, raw materials is conveniently to select, and relatively large reserves. Part there is the tailings, mainly metal ore and non-metallic minerals are through mining and processing, its primary minerals split rock, discarding rock and low grade waste during processing, this pattern of artificial sand production has features of environmental protection, high rate of resource utilization. Part there is artificial sand by using construction rubbish, which also in recent years gets more and more attention by relevant departments, and a new field with the rapid development.
2. Construction waste mainly refers to the buildings, structures, networks and people decorating houses in the course of the spoil, discarded materials and other waste produced by construction unit, unit new construction, alteration, extension or demolition. Currently, the output of city construction waste increases every year, this is caused by the rapid development of the industry of China's real estate and infrastructure. Construction waste proliferation also poses a series of urban environmental problems; the relevant provisions on national processing of construction waste also strictly have been made. The impact crusher produced by Hongxing company is helpful for waste disposal.
3. In 2005, the implementation of regulations on the management of construction waste of the city clearly put forward that construction waste reduction and resource disposition, harmless and who produce, who assume disposal responsibilities principles. Country encourages the utilization of construction waste, encourages the construction of comprehensive utilization of construction waste, construction units precedence.


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