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Google PageRank Update 7th November 2012, What to do now?

by maddyacca

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Original Source: Google PageRank Update 7th November 2012

So, after so much wait now Google updated PageRank on 7th November 2012 today. Many got higher PageRank and also many lost their PageRank. By the grace of Allah, got PageRank 2; previously it was 1. Here I am going to discuss my strategy to get this PageRank and I will also discuss reasons of losing PageRank.

Pagerank Update 7th November 2012

Why PageRank is important?

I know many people don't believe in PageRank, because they think it as useless thing. I am really anxious about my blog's PageRank, because I know the real worth of PageRank. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of higher PageRank.


- Google crawling speed of higher PR web get increases.

- You can charge higher amount from your advertisers, because with ad space you are providing free backlink from higher PR web. I am not recommending you to get in paid links arrangement.

- Higher PR web with original content normally rank well in Google search than lower PR webs. I am not saying that lower PR website don't get higher ranking, but PageRank does matter in ranking of a blog.


- As I don't have long list of disadvantages of higher PageRank, but if you got higher PageRank today you should accept more responsibility to maintain this PageRank.

- Also you will face more spammers on your commenting system, because everybody wants backlinks from higher PageRank and good authority website.

What to Do Now?

Got higher PageRank?

So now people with higher PageRank are definitely happy and myself too can feel this happiness and excitement, but now it's time to get ready for next PageRank update. Higher PR will now work as strength for me and now I am going to discuss my strategy in past 3 months. Below are some secrets I am going to disclose with you.

I know many people believe that backlinks are the most important factor to get higher PageRank; I admire this reality and also made backlinks to get higher PageRank. But my real strategy wasn't backlinks; I am just concentrating on original high quality content from past 3 months. I don't know the date when i made my last backlink. Let me clear something regarding backlinks.

Reality of Backlinks:

Backlink is a vote for your web, that other websites give you by adding your link in them. The misconception is here that, people thinks that creating backlinks by their self is SEO and link building. Let me tell you that, websites like link directories, article directories, forums and other blogs providing backlinks to you are not so powerful, because these backlinks are not natural. I am just providing original content to my readers, that’s why people are talking about my blog on different forums and giving me backlinks. Last week I checked my backlinks through a tool, and came to know that people are recommending my blog to others for solution of some important technology related issues.

So your first priority should be original high quality content and after that you should definitely create backlinks, but the purpose for your links should not be higher PageRank. If you are making links, then these links should only be for higher ranking in Google. I distribute my articles on 10 to 15 different blogs and article directories to get higher ranking in Google.

Lost PageRank?

I am really sad for those who lost their PageRank today, but don't be sad I hope you all will get higher PageRank in next update. There are so many reasons for not getting higher PR or losing the current pr. First you should identify your mistakes that made your PageRank lower. Below are some reasons to lose PageRank, and these reasons are equally helpful for those not getting higher PageRank.

- Low quality content

- External links don't have a "rel-nofollow" tag.

- Don't have enough backlinks; you can see the Google PageRank calculation Formula here.

- Backlinks from low quality or blacklisted websites.

If you follow the above guide, then you will surely get higher PageRank on next PageRank update. Also my article on 28th September 2012, will help you a lot to get higher PageRank on next PR update, I have discussed important things in this article.

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