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Call a DePuy Hip Replacement Attorney in Salt Lake City

by ethanrehman

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The hip joint is among the most vital body parts, as it connects the leg to the upper body. This specific joint is responsible for allowing your lower extremity to move in a variety of directions. Hence, the hip joints help with everyday activities like walking, jumping, as well as sitting; as a result, any injury to this particular body part could be quite crippling.

Undoubtedly, any kind of injury or condition that impacts any type of body part can result in different kinds of trauma. However, few are as excruciating as the one that involves the hip joints given that patients can easily become handicapped. A hip implant may provide some sort of relief, but it may in some cases do more harm than good. If your hip implant procedure has gone awry, you should hire a DePuy hip replacement attorney in Salt Lake City to file for damages in court.

A great deal of people in different parts of the United States-- which includes Salt Lake City, Utah-- have undertaken hip replacement surgery. This is due to damaged or fractured hip joints that have resulted from accidents or diseases. Having said that, artificial hip joints, particularly their small metal fragments, can at times break off and enter your bloodstream. This can have adverse health consequences, and can in some cases be fatal.

Yes, life will not be the same again the minute you lose all function of your hip joints. You will not be able to walk or sit normally again, or even squat or jump; in other words, you might be constrained to a wheelchair for the remainder of your life. Luckily, there are many hip replacement devices which may alleviate your pain and help you resume many of your everyday activities.

But unfortunately, a few of these medical devices have been discovered to be defective. The DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System was discontinued and recalled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on August 24 2010. The recall was started after studies showed that 1 in 8 people needed revision surgical procedure within five years after obtaining the implant.

If you are among the individuals that has suffered from the adverse effects of this implant, you'll need urgent assistance from a DePuy hip replacement attorney in Salt Lake City. Your hip injury need not cause you anymore injury. To learn more, see:

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