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which smart phone is the best

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A Comparative Description Of Some Latest Amazing Smartphones


Smartphones do not remain only for business magnets or high officials alone, but nowadays, different kinds of smartphones are hugely famous among the people of different age groups. Ease of internet access, easy communication, loads of information- all these are available in a smart phone. A smart phone is like a multi-tasking device. Without the help of a device like ipod, person can download songs and listen to them over  a smartphone. As there are wide ranges of smart phones in the field that, it is quite tough to say which smart phone is the best. Through a device like this, a student easily gets access to numerous study material online. With the introduction of path braking smart phones from different manufactures, is a bit difficult to say which smart phone is the best. Electronic giants like Nokia, Samsung, Apple, Blackberry and different other companies are introducing stunning models with multi-tasking abilities. For example, Nokia Lumia 920 is Nokia’s new bid to achieve a dominant position in the sector of smartphones, dominated mainly by Samsung and Apple. When a person holds the phone to the street, it searches out different details like offices, movie halls, restaurants, shops and everything. If a person has got a Nokia Lumia 920 while travelling, it is almost impossible   to get lost.


Though most of the mobile manufacturers are eyeing on the crown of the number one position, selling report of the smartphones show that, at present, Samsung and Apple are on the leading position. Nokia has lost an immense deal in the selling of smartphones to these two fellow competitors. A comparative study between iphone 5 and Samsung galaxy s3 will show the traits of these two sets. There are always some faithful admirers of a brand, but a common buyer will think twice which smart phone is the best before shelling out money. iPhone5 has a screen resolution of 4 inches, and powerful built quality. It offers a strong look. iPhone has a 4 inch screen with 1136×640 pixels. This quality makes the quality of the image better, as it helps to create warmer and clearer image with greater details.


Samsung offers brighter image quality, while Apple provides natural display. It is quite sure that, both of these cameras have superb image quality. As the matter, of performance is concerned Galaxy boasts is loaded with features like Exynos 4412 Quad-core 1.4GHz chip with 1GB of RAM. As a result, it offers superb performance and speed. iPhone is available with A6 processor. Both of these come with memory capacity of 16, 32 and 64 GB. Though both have 8 Megapixel cameras, it is Galaxy, which does better in the image quality. Apart from such prominent companies, there are some other makers too, whose smartphones raise eye brows of the buyers, compelling them to ask which smart phone is the best. Huawei is one of the most promising Chinese brands, introducing a slick and multi-tasking smartphone like Huawei IDEOS S7 Slim. With slots for almost every device like USB, micro SD and more, a person can make the best use of this smartphone.

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