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Benefits of Direct Debits over Other Systems

by maemullen

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The main concern of any business could be getting payments from their clients on time. The requirement of assistance is inevitable and keeping this in view the process of Direct Debits has come into existence. In UK direct debits system has become one of the most preferred payment systems. Because it is very simple and easier to operate, organisations are adopting this method over all the other ways like Debit or Credit card transactions. Direct debit is beneficial from both organisation as well as customer point of view.


Customers would be benefitted because if any transaction does not happen or some fault occurs during the transaction, then they can except complete money back guarantee from the service providers. In fact even if smallest amount is deducted the customers will be informed about it to let them get complete scenario about their transaction. For organisations adopting the system of Direct Debits would be benefitted with the simple installation, and you will be guided throughout the procedure and also receive assistance in on-going transactions. The organisations or individuals who want to apply for the direct debit system just need to own a bank account, which is quite a common thing.


Receiving payments via Direct Debits is a secure source. The basic information can be provided online itself and you will receive the best possible quote available by the service provider. The received information is then submitted to the bank, the place where the payments would be processed in future. Some service providers might demand for an order or invoice form to complete the formalities of direct debit. Direct debit is more or less like the procedure of credit card processing, just with little lesser formalities and lower fee structure.


As the system gains popularity, there are chances that fraud rates might also go on increasing. But with Direct Debits the rate of fraud is very low when compared to all the other methods of payment. The debt collection costs get reduced with a better transparent system, and there is also a reduction in the bank charges. Besides, the service providers only charge flat rate fee no matter how huge the transaction is. Every business involves risk, be it a small scale one or a large scale one. It is the entrepreneur's duty to be able to reduce as many risks as possible to secure the future of the company, and with this system there will definitely be some risk reduction. 

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