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Why You Should Wear a Trendy T Shirt

by elynieva

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When it comes to clothes, you have to balance between what makes you comfortable and what others find appealing. You want to look presentable but at the same time you want something that you will feel good in. You will also want to appear cool and relaxed without overdoing it. This is where a t-shirt comes in, giving you the opportunity to be neat and dashing without being too formal.


T-shirts are quite inexpensive compared to other kinds of wears. When you go shopping, you are bound to get quite a number of t-shirts that are within the affordable range while the same cannot be said of pullovers and sweaters. A t-shirt hence has an advantage of giving you the opportunity to dress nicely and appealingly without having to break a leg in the process.


Although a t-shirt is not a formal wear, there are a few restrictions associated with it. You will probably not be allowed to wear it in the office and neither will you be allowed to get past some high end hotels with a strict dress code. But those are the only restrictions there is as almost all the rest of the setting you can wear it. You can wear it during family get- together, during a party organised by your friends, when hanging out with your workmates and also when travelling. This is indeed a garment for all situations and you will never fail to impress.


In sports or in fun activities, t-shirts are the most recommended and if you make an appearance without one you will be branded the odd one out. Marathons and walks have become the norm nowadays both at the community level and corporate events. These are great occasions for meeting new people and interact with colleagues. They offer a formal but yet a relaxed atmosphere and the unsaid dictate on the dressing code is strictly a t-shirt. No matter your age or your social standing, you cannot participate in a walk or a run wearing a suit, it is simply inappropriate.


T Shirts are also the most recommended during protests, demonstrations and campaigns. During this particular time, you need to wear something that will help you convey the intended message. You need something that is cheap and that can be customised to suit your needs. The t-shirt is the perfect one and it will indeed help you pass your message across.

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