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New Testament Prophets - reveals the history of Lord Jesus

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The Holy spirit of GOD blessed the mother’s Earth and the light descend throughout the Eternal land. He blessed the love, peace, prosperity, progress and spirituality to all His poor Son. If you follow the scriptures, you will get to know the ultimate will of GOD. HE creates the heaven, the Garden of Eden and He sent the Lord Jesus to this Earth to purify our souls with His blessings and teachings. We are the ambassador of Christ, we are the body of the precious Lord. The Lord be with your spirit and the Grace you have with you. God’s teaching shows some light in your life and it becomes the reason that you are living here on Earth. The most beautiful and fair virgin Mother Mary is the mother of the Son of God. She brought the Lord to this Earth in her arms. Get inspired by the wordings of the God through the volumes of Mormon and the history guide of the scriptures. Old Testament, New Testament and the Lord of Almighty! The New Testament is the second half of the Old Testament. Study the knowledge of Old Testament to understand the New one.

You are therefore, suggested going through the history of the Christians era that will give you the brief details about Lord Jesus. You would get to know about the perversions that the Pharisees had made to God's law. An Angel asks the Prophet Nephi about the purpose of the life and the Savior’s birth. He, the God loveth His children and He makes the exaltation and the salvation ; The book depicts the Christ’s birth and all the history of the time of this Lord and His disciples. It consists of 27 books that are divided into four sections and it has been written in Greek. These are the Gospels, the Letters, the acts of the Apostles and Revelation. This particular book tells the actual purpose of Lord’s genesis in this ‘Eternal Earth’ and describes His entire life  until death. The New Testament frequently delineates the spread of Christianity around the world, the supreme act of love and the historical spiritualism in those periods. In the first part of New Testament Studyguide, you will get the information about the love and mercy of Mother Mary and the Son of the Eternal Father, yea, beholding the Lamb of God. The Lord appeared unto the dream of Joseph and blessed him to be a Father of Jesus, the Holy Ghost who saves the people from their sins. In the second edition of the New Testament, you will find Apostle-James, the brother of Lord Jesus.

The book of Mormon gives all the details of the Gospels and the peaceful story of the Mother Mary and the Father Joseph. You will get to know about the study of Isaiah. The wonderful addition of the Mormon storey guide depicts the challenging words of the man who Nephi called ‘the Prophet’ and the teachings of the Savior dictated us to read. In the book of Isaiah, you will find the knowledge that how the Earth is formed. The book of Dr. Chase describes the making Isaiah Plainand the culture, study, language, chronology of the writings of Isaiah in a perfect style that could be understandable in relaxing way. God Bless!

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