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How to Launch a Successful Immigration Appeal

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Being refused of a Canadian visa is a very frustrating experience especially if you’ve been planning on working and living in Canada for a very long time. However, all is not lost. Applicants can still submit an immigration appeal within 30 days following the refusal for their Canadian visa application. The main thing that you need to keep in mind now would be to make every day count and find the right people who can assist you in your Canadian visa application

Things to do to advance the application

One of the best ways to launch a successful Canadian visa application would be to find someone who can vouch for your immigration sponsorship. Family sponsorships are quite typical in visa applications and anyone in your immediate family can act as your sponsor, be it your parents or your spouse. In order to become eligible, the person who will act as your sponsor should possess an income above the required minimum. The recent laws in Canadian visa sponsorship has changed over the years, though, and now, couples have to be married first before the spouse, who is a resident of the country, can sponsor the entry of his/ her partner into Canada

Ensure visa approval

Immigration in Canada with sponsorship remains as the best and the most effective way to get into the country and gain permanent residence status. With this, you can find work and enjoy the benefits that are also provided to the residents of the country. However, keep in mind that in order for your application process to work smoothly, you need to submit valid and authentic documents. If you are helped out by a consulting firm for your visa application, verify their authenticity as well. With their assistance, you can acquire the most relevant information and they can also speed up the process of your application

Act fast and work smart

Since you only have 30 days to work on your immigration appeal, make sure that every moment counts. Don’t waste a lot of time taking care of your application process if you are not confident that your Canadian visa will push through the second time around. Hiring the services of a Canadian visa consulting agency is a cost-efficient way to get your Canadian visa approved in lesser time. The main advantage in choosing a reputable Canadian visa consultancy firm is that they can provide you with the right information help you in updating the status of your visa and give you with a more confident mindset and a peace of mind. Hiring the services of a reliable consultancy firm need not be expensive as well. In fact, they can offer you with affordable rates. With their help, and with the right documents, you can look forward to obtaining your Canadian visa successfully in a lesser amount of time

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