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Examining Attic Insulation With Roofers in Birmingham

by whiteheadkip

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Cost-saving techniques are important if you discover that your electric bill is taking a big part out of your month-to-month expenses. Don't stop at energy-effective devices and a great HVAC system though. Roofers in Birmingham would certainly advise that you place a cherry on top by installing adequate insulation in your attic.

Reason for Insulating the Attic

If your house is older than ten years, its loft insulation is most likely to be insufficient and in need of replacement. And if your attic isn't currently insulated, you should understand that virtually 40% of your residence's energy can be lost through the poorly insulated areas and surfaces of your attic room. With a properly secured and padded attic, your heating and cooling units will not work as hard and you could expect an increase in your energy savings.

Common Kinds of Attic Insulation

Foam loft insulation is preferred because it has great R-value (thermal resistance) and supplies exceptional air sealing. It might either be a spray foam or stiff foam kind of insulation. Spray foam allows for efficient securing and protection, but it is occasionally considered as one of the most pricey insulating techniques. This is why stiff foam is commonly suggested by roofing professionals as a affordable option.

Another common type is fiberglass loft insulation. Fiberglass is simple to install, fireproof, and has good R-values. Nonetheless, this material does not have the air sealing power of foam, so you'll need to locate additional methods to seal air leaks. Choosing a specialist is recommended to guarantee correct and systematic installation.

Ways to Insulate the Attic

You may either accomplish this project alone or leave it to the skilled hands of specialists from dependable Birmingham roofing companies. If you go DIY, make certain that you perform adequate research and insulate all open locations such as rafters and joists. When choosing a expert, choose the one who possesses the most experience with this sort of job in your area.

With appropriate attic insulation, you could minimize power expenditures and spend the cash on additional standard demands. On top of that, you're guaranteed that winters will certainly be warmer and summertimes a great deal cooler. For further ideas and info, you could go to

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