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Bad Breath:Treatment as per Orlando Family Dentistry

by DRMuradThakur

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Teeth are our valuable asset which enhance the beauty of face and reflect our personality. So, teeth problem is regarded one of the major problems in our life.

That is why dental problems demand our notice a lot.


Human beings suffer from various dental diseases. One of them is bad breath that creates an unexpected situation to a gentleman. This situation is very much embarrassing to him.  Let us have a look on bad breath.

Bad breath is not a rare disease rather it is a common one. In medical terminology, it is called halitosis. More than 80% people are suffering from this easily curable disease.  Other diseases like dry mouth, oral cancer, gum disease cavities etc. are main causes of bad breath.  Even bacteria inside the mouth cause it. Sometimes people use different types of mouthwashes and chew gums or take spices to cover the foul smell. But, it is not a solution. The nasty smell comes back again as soon as it stops.


The most common causes of Bad breath:

Some foods and improper digestion have a bad effect which works as a culprit. Some food items has strong odor. They are onion, garlic and cabbage and some certain spices. If those items are taken as raw they spread a strong fume. After digestion those foods and spices absorb into the blood stream. Through blood circulation process, the fume enters into the lungs and spread smell while we keep exhaling. Again, gas produces in the process of digestion and when this gas escapes through our mouth, it causes bad smell.

Irregular brushing is an important factor of bad breath. The negligence of brushing creates bad smell in mouth as the food particles stay inside the mouth and become rotten. As some people do not brush regularly the bacteria trapped in their mouth and they produce bad breath.

Dry mouth causes bad smell and creates an awkward situation. We know that saliva produced in our mouth keeps our mouth wet. Xerostomia is a situation which decreases the production of saliva and results in dry mouth and it causes foul smell.

Smoking in any form has a bad effect to our sound health. It is also harmful to our gum and teeth. Smoking causes bad smell in our mouth. The bad breath of smoking is so acute that sometimes your life partner takes a rigid decision of abandoning you.

Apart from these, oral infections, accumulation of plaque and bacteria cause bad breath. Diabetics, reminiscent of ammonia, Sinusitis, lung infection and vomiting are some other diseases to create bad breath.


Prevention of bad breath:

Bad breath can be prevented by taking some measures. They can be as follows:

  • Brushing and flossing your teeth in a regular basis.
  • Avoiding smell spreading food and spices.
  • Washing your mouth after every meal.
  • Eating slowly, chewing and grinding food properly.
  • Using tongue scraper.
  • Avoid smoking etc.


Treatment of bad breath:

According to Family Dentist at Orlando, bad breath is an easily curable disease.  They recommend the use of mouth fresheners as the first step of treatment. They can be mints, gums, breath spray and so on.Orlando Family Dentist says that visit your dentist regularly. Your dental problems should be taken care of. Some other diseases that causes bad smell should be diagnosed and take proper treatment to have relief from bad breath

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