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Roof Repair in DC: Leaks and How You Can Avoid Them

by tiffanylarsen

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In Washington DC, one of the most awful problems for a lot of property owners there are leaks. The District has four distinct seasons, every one most likely to impact your roof and consequently result to leaks. Regardless of how small leaks are at the beginning, they can bring on irreparable and expensive problems as time pass. Do you know what causes roof leaks?
Damaged Flashings
Flashings are thin metal strips or sheets that cover a seam or transition point in a roof and serve as its last line of defense to keep water from getting in the house. Leaks often start in weakened and corroded flashings. Flashings are designed to withstand different weather conditions, but they get exceptionally prone to failure as a result of extreme weather occurrences such as heavy rain or snow, high winds, and intense heat. Broken flashings can be addressed by dependable DC roof repair contractors.

Plumbing Problems
Plumbing systems are a set of pipelines that commonly cover the whole home from the ceiling to the floor. Once these pipes leak, water may leak out and crawl all throughout the exterior and interior parts of the home. Water can even reach your home's most crucial areas like the bed, living and dining rooms, cause damage to electrical appliances and get to your home's foundation.

Shingle Damage
Shingles are intended to shed off water from the roof. Although these can sustain repeated wear and tear, they ultimately weaken. They can even get blown by high winds, especially those with speeds of over 70 miles per hour. Missing shingles will render your roof prone to more damages and cause severe and extremely pricey repair works.

Ice Dams in Gutters
Washington DC gutters are produced to gather water and redirect it to your downspouts. Nonetheless, they get useless when ice dams build up on them. Ice dams form when water builds up on a block of ice; the ice then melts and becomes water which may leak to your ceiling.

Leaks have to be fixed right away. Consult with your local roofing contractors now to keep away from issues in the near future. Go to for a lot more related info on roof damage and some other roofing problems.


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