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Experience the unique Harlem culture

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one of the lucky ones who is travelling to the biggest city of the world, make sure you know how to spend your vacation in the most fun filled manner. Your knowledge about the city would come in handy and you Travelling to New York for business or pleasure, it is a dream for many people around the globe. If you would be able to see more in less time. New York is a city with many neighborhoods, and among one of them is Harlem. When you are a newbie you need to learn about

<a href="">harlem attraction</a>so that you can plan your tour accordingly.

The first thing that you should make sure is that you choose your accommodation in Harlem. The modern buildings can provide you a luxurious stay at the cheapest rates in New York. It is well connected to the city so you can never worry about travelling to any desired place. Harlem has a very rich history and it shows clearly in the Harlem culture. Having its roots going as aback as the 1920s, it has served as a settlement of black Americans also known as African Americans. It was originally founded as a Dutch village before the world war two but it later began serving as a small town with many booms and bust cycles.

New York’s revival in the 20th century elevated the status of Harlem too and it went through major upgrades to match the standards of New York. Stretching from the East River to the Hudson River, it has a ragged border. It hosts many monuments today and you can witness a Harlem attraction anytime you visit it. The 125th street of Harlem also known as Manhattan has many other names among which the Martin Luther King Jr boulevard is the most commonly used. It is actually a two way lane which runs diagonally between the Manhattanville and Morningside Heights. It forms an interchange with the Henry Hudson Parkway at the 130th street. Many sides of the 125th street have been developed and now hold many famous shopping stores such as the H & M, Old Navy, MAC Cosmetics and many more.

The historic Apollo theater is also located here. Harlem is respected for its contribution of many great artists, musicians, writers and actors. <a href="">Harlem culture</a>is rich with many different cultures because of the great settlements it has witnessed in the past. It is also the home of the largest African American day parade which is celebrated to remember the African Diaspora in America. Since it was first celebrated in 1969, it is celebrated every year in Harlem and thousands of Americans come to attend it. It is also the birthplace of many popular hip hop dances with even their names to mark them such as the Harlem shake, chicken noodle soup and the toe wop. Famous singers alive today Kurtis Blow and P.Diddy have their roots coming all the way back to Harlem. Today many Asians especially Chinese are taking up their residence in Harlem which is now adding the Asian culture in its already diverse and rich culture.


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