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Did you know how hard models work to look awesome?

by Jamesanderson

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The entertainment industry as we know it would collapse in a heap if we did away with all the beautiful models who work in it. We have models sprinkled in most if not all facets of the industry - talk about rap video vixens starring in music videos, models acting as extras in films, models posing for fashion houses, and of course we cannot forget those who appear in print magazines, online magazines and advertisements. The list is almost endless.


When you see hot rap video vixens executing titillating moves in a plethora of videos you can barely imagine how much hard work it takes to do these moves and still look so hot while at it. A hip hop honey certainly needs to be pretty but natural beauty only accounts for a small part of success in this industry. Rap video vixens like the ones we see in videos work very hard each day to stay trim and be able to perform as required.


So, what goes on in the world of a hip hop honey when she isn’t performing? One thing that just about all models do regardless of their particular jobs is to work out. Models interviewed by Black Men Magazine reported that they all do some form of exercise ranging from cardio to yoga. A hip hop honey needs to work out regularly otherwise she cannot maintain the physical stamina and shape needed to entertain you the viewer. Rap video vixens work out regularly and while at it they select their workouts very carefully – this is indeed why some of the models interviewed have personal trainers. They are selective because they want to sculpt certain parts of their bodies without building too much muscle. At the same time models do a lot of cardio so that they can be fit enough to do their jobs without getting exhausted.


Contrary to popular belief, these models don't starve themselves to achieve those figures we love to see. Every hip hop honey knows that all the workouts in the world will amount to nothing if she doesn't watch what she eats and drinks. Models therefore combine regular exercise with proper diet. A model can eat pretty much anything but there are certain foods that she won’t dare touch or will just eat sparingly including fries, cakes and ice creams. Models who are very serious about their work and intend to stick around for long also eschew liquor and all other intoxicating substances that have a damaging effect on the human body.


Models know that their bodies are their primary assets so they invest a lot of time and energy to look awesome. So, from now on as you savor those curvaceous bodies of theirs do kindly appreciate all the efforts they expended for your sake.


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