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Personal essay: 6 tips on writing a personal essay

by anonymous

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As a fact, the success of your personal essay writing greatly determines your future. It determines whether you get the job or the position at the university. It then goes without saying; you must excel in writing a personal essay. In this article, we will walk through the professional writing a professional personal essay.

Step 1: Understanding a personal essay

A personal essay is as account of a person’s life written or recorded by the person with the sole mandate of persuading the admission committee to accept you.

Step 2: write an outline

Like any other form of essay, a personal essay must have an introduction, body and finally the conclusion

Step 3: Writing your introduction

Your introduction has the obligation of capturing your reader’s attention and making him or her aspire to read more of your essay.

Step4: Writing the statement of purpose

The sole mandate of writing a statement of purpose is to convince the administration that you are goal-oriented and have taken the necessary steps to reach to the goals.

Step 5: Writing the body

  • Prove to the administration that you are prepared for this program by explaining to them where, what and why you have studied as regards to the post.
  • In case you are applying for a different field program, explain how your previous skills can be applied in the new field
  • Have in-depth description of your professional goals by describing why you choose the field of study
  • Describe your future plans upon graduation
  • Describe if you have any related experiences to the program
  • State your specific interests in your program and why they are paramount to your career
  • Give your reasons for choosing the specific institution instead of others offering the same course

Step 6: Conclusion

Your conclusion is basically the summary of your main points

Convince the administration board that they need you by explaining to them your contributions to the institution. To achieve this, it is astute to carry out a research on the background of your institution so that you can understand their needs

Do’ s in writing a personal essay

  • Give your personal essay an intimate approach
  • Keep it mind that when writing a personal essay, no subject matter is forbidden
  • You must be convinced first before convincing the administration board
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Be sure of what you want and why you want it
  • Convince the administration board why they need you in their company instead of telling them how desperate you are for the post
  • Be clear and concise
  • Have self –confidence. This is paramount as it will contribute to framing your essay in a positive approach.
  • Write positive statement with the exceptional of the negative ones. Describe your positive personal attributes in difficult situations
  • Make sure that your background and expectations matches with the needs of the administration

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