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Beyond the Shoulder Pads: the Tale of One Champ's Knees

by javierhonig

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The Cleveland Browns' running back's knee surgery will appear first when you Google knee surgery news. Trent Richardson's, the Cleveland Browns' running back, knee surgery was victorious according to the NFL. He must be back and better than ever after 2 to three weeks in rehabilitation, right in time for the Cleveland-based team's' season opener.

Knee arthroscopy, a treatment where specialists use a little camera to review the complication in the knee, is traditional in general knee surgery. More than 4 million of such operations are done every year according to the American Orthopedic Culture for Sports Medication. It typically takes at least 30 minutes to one hour to complete the operation for normal knee complications such as torn ligaments. The operation was done on Richardson's left knee on many instances.

Lens Surgical treatment

In February, doctors also executed a similar procedure on Richardson's left knee to repair the broken crescent. The crescent is a C-shaped cartilage between the femur and tibia that carries out the function of a shock absorber for the knee, among others. For a football member like Richardson, he'll require those shock absorbers to withstand effect during a game.

There are two ways on how a knee surgeon patches torn crescents: he can easily decide to repair it with sutures or tacks, or remove the torn crescent and replace it with synthetics. After the operation is carried out, the customer may need to go through corrective exercises to hasten the recovery of the curve and to permit him to walk usually.

Cleaning Cartilage

Chris Mortensen of ESPN stated that the recent surgical treatment done on Richardson is not linked to his previous meniscus surgical treatment on the same knee. The surgical treatment done by the knee doctor just removed loose fragments of cartilage on Richardson's left knee. Like before, he will also have to undergo rehabilitative exercises and sit out on all games until September 9. Despite the concerns of the Browns' supporters, the running back is simply great and well on his means to rehabilitation.

For even more information about Richardson's knee surgical treatment done by his orthopedic surgeon, visit the NFL site at For further information about knee arthroscopy in general, you can look at the website of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons at

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