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AAA AUGER San Antonio Plumbing Explores Smart Toilets

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There has been some remarkable advances in toilet technology throughout the world and we would like to take a look at the progression from a San Antonio plumbing point of view.


Japan is known for their technological advances and in recent years they have begun to instill that technology into toilet design. From gold plated commodes, odor killing ion sprays, remote controlled toilets and automatic cleaning functions, Japan has been a leader in toilet technology for years.


One of the most popular latrine advances in Japan is the interactive toilet. The video game maker Sega introduced the Toylets game for public urinals. This game is a first person shooter style designed to give the gamer an enhanced restroom experience. Sega is currently testing four games in Tokyo metro stations. We wonder if this technology will reach San Antonio plumbing's public restrooms!


Japan has also incorporated sound and music with their toilet designs. There are running water sounds designed to mask embarrassing noises and toilets that play relaxing music. Some luxury models include iPod docks and built-in speakers.


Luxury toilets have extensive amenities. The Neorest 600 is a tankless toilet that has an automatic lid that opens when approached and closes when left. It also comes with a seat heater, air dryer and deodorizer. Talk about fancy!


There are even intelligent toilets that can measure a person's blood sugar, blood pressure, body fat and weight. The results can be monitored from a computer to track the health of the user over time.


American plumbing manufactures, Brondell and Kohler, are following the trend with high tech toilet seats that have heaters, air dryers, deodorizers and lighted bowls. These seats can be added to existing San Antonio plumbing toilets without the need for total replacement.


AquaOne Technologies has invented an anti-overflow device that can automatically shut-off water flow when a leak or an overflow is detected. The device can even send an email when the shut-off occurs.


Contact AAA AUGER San Antonio plumbing if you would like to change your toilet to a high tech model.


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