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Powerful Conveyor of Healing, Good Health and Protection

by davidww

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The Eye of Horus is an Egyptian character symbolizing protection, good health, healing and power. It is attributed to the mythical Egyptian sky god, Horus, who was described to have the head of a falcon. The falcon headed-god had visual acuity of more than 5 times that of a normal person.

The Eye of Horus is alternatively referred to as Eye of Ra, Eye of Osiris and Wedjat Eye. Egyptian mythology has several versions on the Eye, some of which have conflicting stories.

Ra was believed to be a creator who ruled the ancient universe. He was Egypt’s first king. Horus had two appearances:  the powerful falcon-headed contemporary of Ra and the young Horus, son of King Osiris, a grandson of Ra.

Along the long line of Egypt’s generation of royalties, the kings, starting from the Middle Age down to later generations, were more associated with the young Horus.

The Eye of Horus usually refers to the young Horus’ left or moon eye.  He lost this eye to Seth, his uncle and his father Osiris’ brother who coveted the royal crown. Seth killed King Osiris and in the ensuing battle with Horus, he stole Horus’ left eye and broke it into pieces while his nephew was asleep.  Fortunately, Hathor, ancient Egypt’s goddess of feminine love, motherhood and joy restored the eye. After healing, the eye began to be identified as a wedjat eye, meaning the undamaged eye. With its help, Horus was able to put his father Osiris back to power in the netherworld. Since then, the Eye of Horus has been associated with sacrifice, healing and protection. To benefit from this magical powers, some believers design the Eye of Horus into amulets, gift canisters and home ornaments.  Even some air, sea and land vessels and transportation use it as an emblem of protection. They put its replica on their vessels or transportation.

The Eye of Horus Inspires Ka Gold Jewelry Creations

Three intricately crafted jewelry pieces of Ka Gold Jewelry capture the mystic art of the Eye of Horus: The Eye of Horus Pendant features the Eye of Horus in the heart of a triangle that represents cosmic unity. The Eye of Horus SilverRing has 6 Eye of Horus designs joined by a garnet gemstone at the top and lotus flowers on the sides; the lotus symbolizes the sun, creation and rebirth and The Horeb Unification Silver stands for life-sustaining elements, water and air.

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