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Nothing to Fear about Mexico Travel and Security Experts Say

by angelicahanselman

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The string of murders of foreign tourists in Mexico has the world asking whether it’s still a safe tourist destination. One of the latest cases involved a Canadian businessman who was stabbed to death in his apartment in Puerto Vallarta. However, notwithstanding these incidents, security experts and other tourist bloggers claim there’s nothing to fear.

Crime is nothing new in Mexico, as the government struggles to deal with cases of murder and drugs every day. That said, it hasn’t stopped Americans and Canadians from traveling to Mexico, which is indeed good news for the tourism industry of the country. In fact, some argue that there’s no need to worry as long as one sticks to the safe zones, particularly the tourist sites.

Walter McKay, a former Vancouver detective and currently a security consultant in Mexico City, says some areas in the country are danger zones. Cities close to the border such as Juarez and Tijuana have high crime rates, but these places aren’t tourist hotspots. McKay argues that popular getaways such as Cancun, Merida, and Oaxaca are safe for tourists.

There may be cases of crime in some tourist areas, but they’re not as rampant as those in non-tourist areas. McKay advises exercising caution and sticking to tourist spots to enjoy a safe vacation courtesy of Kansas City travel agencies. On the other hand, governments usually advise their tourists to visit the nearest consulate if they ever get in trouble with criminals.

In another article, travel writer Terry Denton counters the troubling perspective that majority of Mexican cities are hotbeds for crime. Denton said only 18 of more than 2,500 municipalities in the country have security problems, most of these being non-tourist sites. Statistics from the Ministry of Tourism are also encouraging, as officials expect a rise in the number of foreign tourists in the future. Don’t leave Mexico out of your choices for all inclusive vacations from Kansas City just yet.

You may read the interview with McKay at and Denton’s blog at Kansas City travel agencies continue to offer tempting travel packages to several locations in Mexico, proving that there is much to enjoy and experience in this beautiful country.

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