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Facebook Buys

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144 views isn’t a Facebook knock off, it’s an Israeli facial
recognition company.  And now that Facebook has gone off and purchased a
company that has the potential to tremendously help in it’s photo efforts, the
sky really is the limit.



Tagging yourself in
photos used to be just a simple click and type option.  Pretty soon,
photos will be able to find you first.  Now this merger has been
speculated over for weeks, and just came to fruition yesterday, according to
reports.  Neither Face or Facebook are making comments on the money that’s
exchanged hands, but some folks estimate that its between 55 and 60 Million
doll hairs.  Which isn’t surprising, if you’ve been following Facebook for
a while you know that they don’t have a choice but to bet big on the mobile
game and what’s one thing that people do often with their smartphones?
 Take and upload photos.



Facebook already
uses some of the technology, allowing users to auto-tag friends and photos, and
sometimes even gauge the subject’s age.  (I wonder how many times that’s
pissed off some people!)  And this merger is exciting.  ”Our mission
is and has always been to find new and exciting ways to make face recognition a
fun, engaging part of people’s lives,” wrote founder Gil Hirsh in a
blog post on the company’s website. “If you’re anything like us, Facebook is a
part of your life every single day.”  Because, as I mentioned above, it
gives Facebook power in the mobile photo realm.  Think about it.
 Facebook grabs Instagram for a cool Billion.  Then it unleashes
Facebook Camera.  Now with the acquisition of, that’s a lot of
moving parts to a well oiled machine.  And that’s the other cool part, specializes in mobile photo recognition, not just photo recognition in
general.  Other tech writers agree: ”With Instagram and Facebook
Camera on the front end and on the back, Mark Zuckerberg has the
arsenal he needs to win the war for mobile photos,” wrote TechCrunch’s Alexia



Of course, this
doesn’t come without concerns.  Facebook doesn’t have the cleanest record
when it comes to privacy concerns, and if this plays out the way it’s
anticipated, Facebook could have the largest database of “tagged” photos in the
world.  As a matter of fact, Emma Draper of U.K. campaign group
Privacy International to the BBC, says, “Facebook are in the process of
building the largest and most accurate facial recognition database in the
world, and with great power comes great responsibility.”  Well said ma’am,
well said.


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