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Solution to stop error- Stop 0x00000024

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Most of the Windows users have witnessed several errors while working on the system. Some of the errors are too harsh on the data partitions of the hard disk, thereby leading to loss or inaccessibility of the data. Following are some of such errors, which may force to to look for any Windows partition recovery software to get back your data. The error messages can be any of the following:

“Stop 0x00000024”



There can be a number of reasons behind the above errors. In general, the primary cause may be due to any problem in the Ntfs.sys file. As the Ntfs.sys file is the driver file that is used to read or write data related to the NTFS file system, any problem in this file, can make the data inaccessible. Apart from this, the reason can be any damage to the NTFS file system, any damage to the hard disk or to the SCSI/IDE drivers.


1.    Try reading the STOP error by studying its parameters following the error, such as source file & line number, the address of the exception record, the address of the context record, the address at which the original exception occurred etc.
2.    Try checking for the device or the driver behind the error from the event viewer for error messages from SCSI, FASTFAT or Autochk.
3.    Disable the virus scanning programs, backup programs, and disk fragmentary tools; and try running any hardware diagnostics tool, that is shipped with your computer.
4.    Try running chkdsk/r command to determine any file system damage error.
5.    Try to reduce the number of files on the volume named SFM or increase non-paged pool memory available to the kernel.
6.    If the above measures fail to identify/resolve the errors, then try checking for possible NTFS file system corruption by disconnecting all data disks with NTFS volumes.

After the above steps if you fail to resolve the errors, then it is almost sure that your NTFS system partition is seriously corrupted and you need to make a fresh installation after formatting the disk.

The course of formatting will erase all the data from the partition and you have to restore the same from previously taken backup. However, in the absence of valid backup, you have to run a partition recovery software to recover and restore your lost data from the formatted partition.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a reliable partition recovery software that can recover and restore all your lost, inaccessible or formatted data from NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT and NTFS5 file system partitions. Moreover, this application is very easy to use and comes with step by step instructions.

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