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Book Docklands beauty early to avoid disappointment

by james446

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The unofficial name of the area in the east and the southeast of London, the Docklands are spread across a number of boroughs. These include Southwark, Greenwich and Tower Hamlets. Once part of the largest port in the world, the Port of London, the area has now been redeveloped; predominantly for residential and commercial use. It still remains quite a prestigious area that is only affordable to a select few who can only afford certain rent payments. But with the Olympics set to take our fair city by storm, it seems prices are going up everywhere. If you find yourself bored in your current location, don’t worry about moving; that’s just too much trouble. Instead, find other places to go. We’ve helped you out a bit, just look at our guide below. Don’t thank us, though, just treat yourself to a Docklands escort.


When the name of a restaurant is unpronounceable, we take this to mean a good thing. To us, there is nothing worse than an overly American-sounding restaurant. These are no doubt giant chains, where there isn’t a natural ingredient anywhere near the dishes. Luckily for us, Sri Nam in the Docklands couldn’t not be further from this. Voted by Wharf Magazine readers as the ‘Best Restaurant’, this is sure to get diners through the door, and the restaurant striving to retain their title next year. The perfect setting for an intimate dinner with a gentleman and one of the escorts in the Docklands, a business lunch or a meeting with friend, the lively vibe is ideal for anything you need. The favourites on the menu include the slow-cooked organic pork and the rice pudding with chopped mango. It makes us salivate just thinking about it, to be honest. Though not for one second attempting to be pretentious, the wine list has options from both the old and new world, so even the buffest of wine buffs can be confident in their selection. The only thing about Sri Nam? Book early to avoid disappointment.


There’s nothing better when an old classic comes to town. So when Smollensky's opened up, ver to. we were there the very next day. The Art Deco furnishings, the all-American menu and a beautiful terrace that overlooks, the restaurant ensures there is something for everyone. A family-friendly eatery, or an ideal place for one of the girls from Docklands escorts and the clients who adore them, you should head on over to Smollensky’s, today. Because of the choice of cuisine, you don’t have to worry about not liking anything on the menu. The burgers, the chicken wings and the steaks aren’t the bog-standard dishes you’ve come to expect. They’ve all got that little bit of extra zing about them.

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