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Understanding Rodent Treatment Westminster Process

by liyo89

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Rodent infestations can be very dangerous and destructive, from causing structural damage to triggering allergy due to exposure to urine and droppings, to aggravating various health conditions and destroying crops. In particular, many homes and buildings in Westminster have always been faced with rodent infestation, and the harmful effects associated with it make the implementation of various rodent treatment Westminster techniques very important.


Rodents, from rats and mice, to beavers and gophers, can be easily eradicated with a proper rodent treatment plan. The treatment process often starts with identifying the type of rodents thriving in the area, and then implementing the most efficient and effective method to get rid of them. The type of treatment also depends on the location and the amount of the infestation.


In general, there are two major methods used to eradicate rodents, and which are often used by many rats and mice treatment Westminster experts. The first and probably the most common method is the use of traps and baits. Traps can either be lethal or live traps. While a lethal trap, such as a snap-back trap, instantly kills rodents through a mechanical blow, a live trap, often made of heavy-gauge wires and with baits inside, is considered both a humane and environment-friendly method. The rodents are captured alive and unharmed, although they must either be released or killed after. A sticky trap is also a common, non-toxic type of bait for rats and mice. It is made with a glue layer mounted on a cardboard; most traps do not have pesticides but may have some sort of flavorings and odor to attract rodents.


The second rats and mice treatment Westminster method involves the use of rodenticides. Rodenticides are toxic chemicals that are manufactured specifically to kill rodents. They are often combined with items like corn, wheat, oats, and the like, and are as well made with flavorings and odors that can be attractive to rodents.  Aside from food items, rodenticides can also be combined with powdery materials that can stick to rodents’ body parts, killing them instantly if eaten and swallowed, and which are most likely to happen as they groom themselves.


While these are the two major methods of controlling the population of rodents, there are some other ways that, although not as fast and quick as the above methods, can also guarantee effective treatment and complete eradication of these nuisance pests.


Habitat modification is probably the easiest and inexpensive method. The method entails destroying possible breeding grounds and shelter for rodents, such as open garbage cans, as well as removing exposed food and water. Sewers are also common breeding grounds for rodents, and rodent treatment Westminster experts recommend that these areas be cleaned at least twice a month to prevent the growth of rodent population. In other words, good sanitation can help get rid of these pests, and is in fact the most basic step to any kind of pest control management. 

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