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Effective Techniques to Lessen Aridity in Your Yard

by elizavetakramer

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Officials continue to oversee the drought hitting the central United States. As of July 2012, large portions of the dry spell have hit many states notably Colorado and Kansas where the drought is at its worst, according to the National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC). Great parts of of Florida, reports the NDMC, seems to be free from the dry spell.

Nevertheless, the dry spell is one of the most terrible things that could hit and strongly influence the grass and the topography. If you uprepared for a prolonged drought, your vivid plants may lose their hue and shrivel under the burning heat. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln supplies some useful strategies in minimizing the impact of the dry spell on your garden. The first technique, although it appears quite evident, proposes infrequent watering.

Stay clear of watering too frequently

If you have to drench your yard, do it making use of less water and do it between 4:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. Better yet, water your grass deep enough to penetrate their roots, as specific species tend to claw deeper into the earth for water. Throughout a dry spell, most of the water on the surface will simply be turned into vapor by the extreme heat.

Use less fertilizer

Fertilized yards often tend to utilize more water for grass to absorb the fertilizer's benefits. It's ideal to save the fertilizer for fall since you'll require it the most when there's a lot of precipitation to prey on. Boca Raton landscapers state that specific types of grass, like the Kentucky bluegrass, may lose its hue under the dry spell but it can endure for a month or so without water.

Trim the garden as required

Essential lawn care Boca Raton lawns get call for routine mowing, at least not greater than a third of the height of the grass. Professionals recommend setting the lawnmower one setting higher than what you typically use during the drought period. The right trim can make grass claw its roots deeper into the soil to tap into humidity or an underground water supply. Longer roots make certain that grass will have some water to soak up in the middle of the dry spell.

For more information about lowering the impact of drought to Boca Raton landscaping, go to the website at To oversee the drought patterns in your state or location, you can check out the report at the NDMC's Drought Monitor at

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