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Beer: The World’s Favorite & Most Consumed Beverage

by rickpetko9179

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Alcoholic beverages are favored by people across the globe despite having numerous non-alcoholic options available in the market. Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. Consumed in a moderated manner, it is a greatly refreshing drink. Beer is manufactured by hundreds of different companies across the globe and able to be easily found in any bar or pub.

Beer arrived in Australia at the beginning of British colonization and since then has grown strongly. In 2004, Australia was ranked fifth internationally in per capita beer consumption. In the past Australian beer consumption was very lager centric – with Fosters, Crown Lager, Tooheys New, XXXX Gold and Carlton Draught all major brands. These brands however are now seeing a level of decline, with craft beer; beer that is produced in smaller quantities by smaller micro breweries, in growth in their place. Craft beer’s strength is that it has a much greater level of flavor, with the premise for consumption of craft beer being focused on quality rather than the quantity consumed. These beers all vary in flavor, color and aroma, with a wide range of beer styles available including pale ales, pilsners, stouts and porters to name a few of the interesting variants.

Growth of craft beer in Australia has seen development of a multitude of craft beer breweries; with cellar door tastings, brewery tours and restaurants all common among their offer. These breweries are less focused on selling their beers because of their brand alone, but also because of the flavor of their beers and the desire to meet consumers’ ever changing tastes.

The development of craft beer has also given rise to beer clubs. When it comes to clubs, wine clubs have been around for decades, but beer clubs have become major player in the gourmet industry just recently. A beer club membership often ranges from 3 to 12 months, allowing consumers to select the membership length which most appeals. Beer Club memberships allow consumers to receive their monthly beer selection at the comfort of their own home, allowing those in remote areas to access quality beers that would otherwise be impossible to purchase from their local liquor store. Most beer clubs also include a newsletter with each beer delivery so that the recipient can learn more about each specific beer, including the brewery and region where the beer was made.

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