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Points to Remember While Revising For CBSE Exams

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Revision is one of the most important steps in the path of scoring high marks in CBSE board examination. Sometimes, despite of putting in all the efforts and time in understanding, memorizing and revising the course or the syllabus, students are unable to achieve the desired results. The main reason behind the failure is the lack of right revision technique which should have been followed. Often we tend to unnoticed the importance of having quality revision session with right revision tools and techniques to concretize whatever we have learned and understood.

Following are the few points which every student must keep in mind while revising for the CBSE Board examination.

Set Revision Goals: The first and the foremost thing which every student must practice is to set practical and attainable goals before starting the process of revision. By setting realistic goals, students can easily complete the revision of the entire syllabus within time and can cover each and every topic of the course. The goals should neither be very high so that it becomes difficult or impossible for the student to achieve it and nor should be very easy so as to achieving it does not provide any real sense of pleasure to the student. Goals should be carefully decided and must be able to push the students. Students can set both long term goals and short term goals depending upon their preparation, availability of time and understanding of the subject.

Choose right Revision tools: As like setting revision targets are essential, selecting right kind of revision material is equally important. There are many sample papers available in market and internet, but to select one depending upon your need and requirements is more important. If you are planning to revise chapter wise then it is beneficial to go for CBSE chapter wise sample paper, if you are not confident about your preparation then practice fromCBSE solved papers, if you think that you have prepared enough for your Board examination and have understood major portion of your syllabus then you can solve CBSE sample papers or CBSE practice papers. So you have to first judge your capabilities, confidence and preparation level before selecting any revision material.

Take small breaks: It is advisable to take small breaks in between your revision regime. For example if you have solved one CBSE sample paper sincerely within the designated time limit then you must relax yourself for 10 minutes by going for a short walk or talking with a friend etc. This will help your body as well as mind to invigorate and rejuvenate.

Revision when scheduled properly will definitely help students gain confidence and score good marks.

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