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Regular Tree Trimming Can Save Tampa from a Rolling Blackout

by tiatimoteo

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There’s no other way for trees to grow but up. With proper care, a sapling can grow as mighty and tall as the redwoods of California and Oregon. If you really want your tree to tower over the Tampa suburbs, it’s also your responsibility to make sure it doesn’t cause a citywide blackout.

When strong winds hit Maryland and Delaware just this June, it toppled the trees and, along with them, the power supply. There shouldn’t have been trees in those areas, but local power authorities couldn’t stop people from planting close to the electric poles as the land was not really theirs. If banning people from planting is not an option, then trimming tree branches to avoid snagging power lines is a must—especially during hurricane season. Tampa residents may want to take note of this, given that Florida is prone to hurricanes.

There are three possible places where you can safely plant the trees: the low, medium, and tall zones. Species of trees with a mature height of no more than 20 feet can be planted in the low zone at the sidewalk close to the utility poles. The lawn of the home is the medium zone for any trees no taller than 40 feet; and the backyard is the tall zone for trees less than 60 feet.

Hawthorn and dogwood trees are ideal for low zones; sassafras and Eastern red cedar are ideal for medium zones; and pin oak and blue spruce for tall zones. Other tree species such as white oak, walnut, and linden should be planted in open areas where there is less obstruction like the city park. Of course, wild trees such as the redwoods are better off in the wilderness.

What if you’ve already planted a medium-zone tree in a low zone? Even when there’s no storm, if the growth of trees isn’t kept in check, its branches may snag power lines and affect the whole Tampa neighborhood. tampa tree trimming, in this case, will be necessary to make sure a tree doesn’t tangle with power lines. Arborists can perform various styles of trimming depending on the shape of the tree.

The last thing you want to happen is your tree causing a power failure in your entire neighborhood. Make it a habit to call an arborist for services on tree trimming tamparesidents recommend. You can’t be responsible for a tree that could render Tampa powerless for days.

Read more on trees and power lines at the website of the International Society of Arboriculture at For related materials regarding services on tree tree trimming tampa fl trees might need, you can visit the website of the Arbor Day Foundation at

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