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Four Ways to Make the Most of All Inclusive Cruise Deals

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By itself, the phrase “all inclusive cruises” sounds great: you’ll enjoy more services for a lower cost, as opposed to individually booking these services. However, this doesn’t mean that you should automatically take on any vacation package that has “all inclusive” on it. You may end up paying more for amenities you don’t need, or feel shortchanged because you paid less and got less in return.


Compare Deals from Different Cruise Lines


“All inclusive” means different things to different cruise lines. On some cruises, it means unlimited food and drinks; on others, this may not be the case. Check the packages offered in your chosen vacation spot, compare packages that look similar, and decide which one offers the best value for your money. For example, if your friends aren’t the “party all night” types, you wouldn’t want to pay more for an all-inclusive deal that has “unlimited all night entertainment” thrown in.


Book Through a Travel Agent


Travel agents can offer you plenty of information you won’t find in guides. Good travel agents should be knowledgeable on the best cruise lines, the best cruise ships, and the nicest vacation spots. Once your agent has given his recommendations, don’t forget to dig deeper and ask independent parties, such as your relatives and friends, to check whether they agree with the travel agent’s recommendations.


Book in the Off-Season


Prices for all inclusive cruise deals are lower in the off-season. “Off-season” usually means the day before school starts and ends. Don’t book at a time when you’re expecting a lot of people to go on vacation, e.g. holidays, Christmas, summer, et cetera.


Choose Your State Room Carefully


State room refers to where you and/or your guests stay on a ship. Prices vary in different cruise lines, but you’ll observe this: The higher your deck and the closer to the ship’s middle your room is, the higher your price. Therefore, ask your travel agent for the best spot on the ship that’s located on a lower deck and far from the ship’s middle. You can save money on all inclusive cruise deals when you book guaranteed staterooms.


A few final tips: The saying “The more the merrier” is also applicable for all inclusive cruise packages. Invite as many people as possible to join your cruise and share the costs. For more information about things you can do during a cruise, read

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