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History of Roofs and the Two Most Common Roofing Materials

by daniellebailey

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It’s impossible to miss the roof every time you look at a home because it’s one of the largest components of a house. Given how indispensable it is, you’d think more people would be familiar with basic information like its origins and types. However, this is actually not the case. It’s interesting to note how little people know about one of the most vital staples of every structure. To help bridge the gap in knowledge, here are some relevant details about the roof.


It can be argued that the roof was invented when man learned to make his own shelter instead of just finding one and making do with it. There weren’t any shortage of caves in pre-historic times, but man eventually learned to improve the way he lived. When man stepped out of the cave, it signaled the creation of man-made roofs—among other things.

Historical data show that one of the earliest recorded roofing materials was the imbrex-and-tegula roof, which was widely used in Ancient Rome. This type of roofing style was used by each and every homeowner—regardless of economic class—during that time. Its effectiveness was primarily due to the innovative combination of curved connectors and flat ceramic sheets. Later on, Spain adopted this type of roofing style and modified it based on their culture and climatic conditions.

Common Types of Materials

New and more efficient roofing materials emerged as the roofing industry developed alongside groundbreaking technology and manufacturing procedures. Westchester, one of the wealthiest counties in New York, is one of the places that have gained from the roof’s development. Westchester roofing companies are now able to provide roofing materials that combine function, quality, and aesthetics.

Shingles. Asphalt and slate shingles are some of the most common types of shingles that Westchester roofing companies use to improve the structural strength and appeal of many houses in the county. Even though they have a relatively shorter lifespan compared to metal roofs, they can still be a good option for your home if you’re into traditional and classical designs.

Corrugated Metal Sheeting. This type of roofing material is also quite popular among homeowners in Westchester because of its lightness, durability, and notable lifespan. For most, the invention of metal roofs has significantly improved the quality of roofing Westchester homes have. Furthermore, residents benefit from metal’s cost-efficient qualities and the minimum maintenance requirement. To find related information regarding roof repair, you can visit

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