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Submitting Difficult Web Forms with Visual Web Ripper

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Visual Web Ripper can extract data, which may require the use of web forms. This could be a search value, a login script or selecting form values on drop down menus. Whatever the use, you can either submit a preset answer to the form, draw input values from a CSV file or simply choose all values on the form.


Submitting a login is relatively easy and the form template can be set up for that particular site. However, submitting forms for an HTML dropdown menu is more complex for many data extractors. In Visual Web Ripper, however a form template is created, and then Visual Web Ripper automatically submits the form for all values in the dropdown menu. This will appear in a form submit menu on the visual editor. You add all values by selecting iterate all list values. If fewer values are desired, you simply remove the unnecessary values from the form capture window. All of this is done visually (although it can be scripted) and the interface is highly intuitive.


Search result pages are another difficult area for some web extractors; however Visual Web Ripper has options to deal with even advanced search options on search pages and submits the form automatically as soon as the values are input. You can elect to push the submit button or auto submit when setting up the form field element.


Web forms and drop down menus have stymied many data extraction programs. Visual Web Ripper deals with these from the editor and input values are either set by the user or called from an external file. Even the way the submission is handled can be configured in the editor, before the program is run to, assure flawless submission each time. Handling it this way lets the template creator to decide which data is extracted, which form fields are used, how much or little of the site is crawled, how many input values are selected, whether advanced or standard searches are used, and how they are handled.


Rather than making any aspect of the data extraction process hard coded and unchangeable, Visual Web Ripper has general default settings, which can be changed to match the type of site, the navigation controls, and the level of extraction desired. Even AJAX is almost impossible for the standard web crawler to properly navigate, but work within the Visual Web Ripper’s editor and web browser.


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