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Catharine Young gets campaign money as a gift!

by catharineyoung1

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Whether you believe it or not but Senator Catharine Young is getting
funds for her campaign to be held in November. The re-election will
take place for competing to the office of the New York State Senate
with a total number of seats to be 63. But grabbing one seat for
Catharine Young would not at all be easy as the competition is really
tough this time. But when it is Cathy then there has to be some way out
no matter how much needs to be fetched in return. Supporting the
landlords while ignoring the interests of the tenants is the smartest
way that she has found out.

What is more beneficial?

September 12th is also an important day for her as it is the primary
day of election. Being one of the members of the American legislator,
she is said to be competing for the 33 seats of the Republican Party
against the Democratic with a total 29 seats. Though she does fulfill
all the criteria’s for getting nominated at the election but the path
taken is surely not the right one from the humanitarian grounds. Being
the state senate from 57th district, it has been found that all the
bills that have been passed by her are really harsh for the tenants of

Who finances more?

According to a recent statistics, it has been found that nearly
$127,050 has been received for financing the campaign of the senator,
Catharine Young. Also while comparing the instate verses out state
finance it was found that nearly 86% had come from in-state. To bring
in more despair, it was found out of 10 industries; nearly 78% was
contributed by real estate. Public sector unions and home builders
occupy the second and third position respectively. In fact even the
hospitals had no less contribution in making Catherine young to be winning this year’s re-election.

PACs are no left behind!

Also considering the statistics of comparison between the individuals
and PACs, the top contributors were employees or family members or even
the committee of political action. It was New York State Association
for Affordable Housing who is the top contributor to this campaign
financing. Thus 82% of the finance was gifted by the PACs in return of
which the tenants are bearing the costs. Among others there are Police
Benevolent Association and Real Estate Board of New York occupying the
secondary positions.

Is she a human?

There are plenty of reasons for such an outrageous support from the
real estate sector. The bills that passed in the month of April were
S6472, S5152 and S5041A. If you have a detailed look into each of these
bills then you would be wondering whether the tenants are to be given
room at rent or not. In return of a large sum of money, is it possible
for a senator to pass the bills against the poor tenants who live at
the mercy of the room owner?

Though all the bills are in Assembly but how could Catherine Young be stopped from making the tenants feel more miserable.

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