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Four-point Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Roof

by brendangertner

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Are you ready to do some spring cleaning on the roof of your home? With no disturbing weather to worry about, spring is essentially the best time to clean and maintain your roof. You can do some basic clean-up or ask a roofing contractor to give it a thorough maintenance check.

If you live in Richmond, British Columbia, take advantage of spring to work on your roof right away. Richmond has a temperate west climate, producing little to no snow and 30% less average rainfall than neighboring Vancouver. This gives you the opportunity to check your roof, although you may be wondering where to start if this is your first time. Just to get you started, here is a four-point roof cleaning checklist you can follow:


Flashings are sheets of metal typically placed around pipes and chimneys to keep water away. Strong winds can loosen the flashing around your chimney or skylight. Repair or replace any cracked or loose flashings to prevent water from leaking through your roof and into your home.


Gutters are those extended ducts that collect rainwater from your roof; this water flows directly to a drain. If you house is surrounded by trees, check if your gutters are filled with debris like leaves and twigs which can accumulate at certain points and prevent water from draining. Remove any debris from your roof gutters and ensure that all openings to downspouts or water passages are clear.


Roof shingles are the flat rectangular roof covers that overlap each other. If your roof shingles are old, chances are some of them have been removed by varying weather elements, or are buckled and curled. You might have to repair or replace damaged shingles altogether, or have a professional on roof repair Richmond homeowners call on to handle it.


Vents are the metal tunnels under your roof that provide air ventilation and where small animals like birds and squirrels make their homes. Clean and clear these tunnels before those creatures cause any damage. You can also consult any reputable roofer Richmond has in the area who specializes in animal care and ask where these animals can be given alternative shelter.

To recap, work on the flashings, gutters, shingles and vents on your roof. Should you find it challenging to clean and maintain these roof parts, contact a licensed contractor for roofing Richmond residents rely on for roofing repair and maintenance. You can read more on roof maintenance during spring at and

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