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Extensive Safety Systems Found in Luxury Vehicles

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Safety is the most important component of any luxury vehicle. Beyond their beauty and engine performance, luxury cars offer peace of mind because of their sturdy build and excellent safety features. Some luxury vehicles are comparable to superhero cars that bear hidden functions, with safety features tucked away beneath the posh leather interiors.

For instance, luxury cars have airbags in every direction possible. There are airbags in the dashboard, in the steering wheel, overhead just above the doors, and in some cases, near the floor. Airbags are also equipped with occupant sensors, so only those with passengers to protect inflate in case of collision.

Head restraints are also called headrests, but these provide more than just comfort for the occupant. They also support and stabilize the rider's neck and posture, especially when stopping or accelerating abruptly. Luxury cars have adjustable head restraints that can be moved up, down, or sideways. Head restraints vary with design and trim, so be sure to test how comfortably they support the neck.

In some cases, being able to drive a car remains no more than a dream because of certain anatomical challenges. For instance, people will shorter limbs cannot reach the steering wheel or pedals without major seat adjustments; meanwhile, those of ample girth may find it hard to move comfortably behind the steering wheel. The good news is that most luxury cars now come with adjustable steering wheels and pedals, making driving a possibility for people of any size.

Driving in the dark is a great hazard, especially when you happen to have a late-night job and would have to travel through long dark roads with few other travelers. Night vision cameras are now also installed in some luxury cars from car dealerships in Burlington. Images are transmitted to a screen just behind the steering wheel, allowing drivers to see clearly when traversing major roads like Highway 403.

Luxury vehicles sold at car dealerships in Burlington are often installed with rearview cameras. Whereas rearview mirrors offer limited views of the rear end, these cameras allow motorists to see what’s going on behind their cars with a much wider perspective.

Luxury cars have powerful engines, so they need equally effective control measures to prevent skids or rollover accidents that can lead to irreparable damage or total wrecks. Speed and stability controls are perhaps the most important safety features Ford Burlington dealers can highlight to customers. You can find more information on luxury cars by visiting

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